A DIY case for Triggertrap Shield for Arduino

Cover photo by David Wright.

Sometimes a person emails me to ask for help with something, and in the process I discover that they have taken some amazing initiative and come up with some awesome way to personalise their Triggertrap for their use. This was the case with Thomas, who contacted me regarding some questions about the screen on his Triggertrap Shield for Arduino. To demonstrate something, he attached a few photos of his device. I was immediately struck by the really elegant looking transparent casing he is using. See below for a snap:


After helping him with his problem, I asked him to tell me how he made the case. He very helpfully obliged, so read on if you're interested in getting yourself one like that. The websites are in German, so if you speak the language, you're in extra luck.

The case was from this shop and originally looks like this. Thomas ordered all the sides without laser cutting, so he could drill it himself.

Then, he placed the laser and ambient sensors on the right side, and the camera cable connector and a USB connector for the Arduino board on the left side.

On the front he had to open the case because the screen was just a little bit too high (about 5mm), but you could probably make sure this doesn't happen if you're putting one together, so that it's all enclosed.

Not stopping there, Thomas also found a way to power his Ardunio using a USB power supply that uses 4 AA batteries. And when he found that his laser battery ran out after 2 hours, he powered that via USB as well, using a 2500mA Akkus.

Both of the above can be ordered here http://www.pearl.de  (parts number: NC-5361-913 and PX-2742-913 if you want to get specific), but any similar gadget will do, and there's plenty out there if you want to search closer to home.

So there you go! Just wanted to share this one person's approach, in case it provides answers to any questions you may have had along the lines of "how do I....". If you're adapting your Triggertrap (TTv1, Shield or Mobile) set up in any way, email me at [email protected] so that I can share it with others.