Introducing 叱咤拍: Triggertrap adventures in China!

Earlier this month, Triggertrap (or 叱咤拍, to use our shiny new Chinese name) ventured some 6,000 miles from our damp, chilly Northern European home country to the rather more exotic climes of South East Asia, all in the name of our ongoing mission to take control of camera shutter buttons all over the globe. And what a time we had!


We started off by showing off our wares as part of the UK delegation to the first ever Shenzhen Maker Faire (there’s been a Mini Maker Faire there before - this show was anything but mini!). Triggertrap started life as part of the Maker movement, so what better way to connect with people than to turn up, set up our camera and, er, start screaming at people.

Regular readers will know all about our now notorious ScreamGrab booths (and will even have learned how to set up their own), and the good people of Shenzhen were no different from any other Maker Faire attendees in jumping in front of our lens and giving us a good old scream!


You can see the full set of ScreamGrab shots on our Flickr page.

We loved meeting all the local attendees and managed to bump into a good few people who had already heard of us, and even backed our variousKickstarterprojects! What heroes!

Triggertrap Ada

And, speaking of Kickstarter, we were also in China to visit the electronics and injection moulding factories where our brand new product Triggertrap Ada will be manufactured. As backers will know, we’re currently at the stage where we have fully working prototypes of the Kickstarter-funded modular high-speed trigger, and it was hugely valuable for us to be able to inspect some of Shenzhen’s amazing manufacturing facilities and show the prototypes to the experts who’ll be putting the kit in our backers’ hands in the coming weeks.


Shenzhen is a fascinating, sprawling, headtrip of a city. We experienced first hand the stark contrast between the clean, Westernised atmosphere of the downtown Sea World area where the Maker Faire was held (complete with incongruous red phone boxes and not one but two German beer halls!), with the bustling, chaotic confines of the multi-storey electronics market at Hua Qiang Bei - an absolute paradise for hackers, makers and anyone at all interested in technology. We visited exciting, inspiring companies like HAXLR8R and Seeed Studio and came home brimming with ideas and dazzled by possibilities. We’re sure to be back there as Triggertrap Ada goes into mass production - and, frankly, we can’t wait!

We should add here a big shout-out to organisers Chinwag and UKTI, who put together our trip and invited us to be a big part of the UK delegation to Shenzhen. They were helpful, friendly and got us out of a few scrapes where our non-existent Chinese language skills would have left us high and dry. Thanks guys!