Android Beta Gets Star Trail

Cover photo by Adam King, find more from him on Instagram.

That's right Android users! Our boys have been hard at work and are already rolling out an update to Triggertrap Mobile 2.0 Beta. Here's what's changed and which Triggertrap users we have to thank for finding those bugs...

First off, and as the title quite rightly suggests, Star Trail is back! And by jove is it looking pretty. You have the same format as before that allows you to set the number of exposures, their length and the length in between them, now made easier by clicking to type in the precise length you would like. Once you press the shutter the screen will count down the length of time the total exposures will take as well as each exposure and the space between them. Pretty useful, right?

Now for the main issues that have been fixed in this update:

  • The back button quitting the app rather than closing the keyboard is now fixed and will return you to the last viewed page - thank you Oskar Kohout!
  • The misaligned text in the Time input bar has been fixed - thank you Alex Marino!

We very much feel that as well as these top lads, Kai Gradert deserves a special thank you for his great feedback, suggestions and timelapse examples.

We're still cracking down mercilessly on the other bugs all you lovely people on our Google+ Triggertrap Beta Testing Team and forum have reported to us. Stay tuned for further improvements and keep up the great feedback, it's super useful.