It's been a while since we've done an update to our Triggertrap Mobile for Android app, but here it is, shiny and fresh from the Bristol sweatshop we keep the coders in! The two headline features are that the Android app now has the magical Wi-Fi master mode, the celebrated Bang sound trigger, and a full metric ton of smaller (but equally brilliant) bugfixes!

What's new? Well, let me tell ya...

  • Bang! Sound detection mode: Clap, whistle, click your fingers, honk like a goose or blow a vuvuzela to take a photo!
  • Wi-Fi Master: Enslave your technology before it enslaves you! Trigger all your devices simultaneously from your master device through the airwaves using the magic of Wi-Fi!* Set up your device as a master, connect other devices as Wi-Fi slaves.

*Note: may not actually contain magic.

The sound sensor is working really well, but we're still running through a round of optimisations to make it faster - for now, we just wanted to give it to you guys to have a play with, stretching its legs and giving you a feel for what it can do. Keep an eye on this blog later in the week for another bulletin, where we'll be going into  loads more detail about the exciting future of Triggertrap Mobile on Android.

Sound fantastic? Point your Android browser at to download the most recent Android app (or just do the update thing on the Google Play store, of course).

Too... Many... Words...

Want to find out what the big deal is about the Bang mode? Hate reading all those words? Well it's your lucky day:

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