Connecting Multiple Cameras to the Triggertrap V1

Please note: The following article refers to our first product, Triggertrap V1 and not our current product, Triggertrap Mobile.

Triggering one camera with the Triggertrap is awesome. But do you know what would be even more awesome? Two cameras. Oh yeah, I went there. But how can you achieve such a fantastic thing?

Well, remember the part where the Triggertrap uses a 3.5mm socket for your camera? There's a couple of advantages with that. For one thing, if you want to place the Triggertrap further away from your camera, you can just use a 3.5mm stereo extension lead.

In a similar vain, if you want to connect more than one camera or flash to your camera... Simply use a Y splitter!

If you want to connect 3 cameras, use two Y splitters. If you want to connect 4 cameras... Well, I'm sure you've got the picture by now.

There may be a practical limit to how many cameras you can trigger, but we've successfully triggered four flashes at the same time. Nifty, eh?