The 12 Best Triggertrap Photos of 2014

2014 was an absolute rollercoaster ride of a year here at Triggertrap, with both hardware and software updates, exciting events and lots of behind the scenes action you'll learn about soon. But the real highlights of the year didn't come from us at all: they came from you, the amazing Triggertrap users. Via all channels we've been bombarded with inventive and ingenious uses of Triggertrap, from high speed explosions to light paintings in space. Triggertrap users never fail to leave us inspired with their photos. Here are our favourite shots, month by month, that the Triggertrap community shared with us in 2014.

1. Alex Molick - Exploding Rose

Frozen and then shot, this exploding rose was captured using the sound sensor. Yes, actual guns 'n' roses.


2. Michael Bons - The Proposal

In February, photographer Mike Bons managed to capture his own proposal using timelapse photography! Clever and precious. Sob.


3. Tom Roeleveld - Zen

Tom cleverly used the sound sensor on Triggertrap Mobile with a two second delay - just enough time to get levitating and capture this brilliant self portrait.


4. Marc Ablay - Alex

Definitely one of the most inventive balloon pop photos ever taken with Triggertrap, this snaky water balloon burst is truly awesome.


5. Fabián López - Startrail


We were inspired by the way Fabian's scene has been lit, and by the way he made his star trail photo so much more interesting with a well-chosen foreground.

6. Paul Shears - Magic Hour

Paul has sent stunning cityscape after stunning cityscape our way over the past year, and this magic hour shot is a firm favourite.


7. Elijah Vivio - Balloons to Face

Hilarity in sharp focus. Another truly original sound sensor photo. Bravo!


 8. Jim Cossey - Milky Way at Portland Bill Lighthouse

Jim has been snapping incredible scenes of the cosmos over South West England for a while now, and, much to our delight, always takes his Triggertrap kit with him.


 9. David Bayliss - Exploding Bulb

We've seen some jaw-dropping photos of exploding bulbs taken with Triggertrap in the past year, and the colours in this photo makes it a must-see.


10. Michiel Buijse - S K Y L I N E

This year we discovered the photographer Michiel Buijse, and simultaneously discovered a new level of love for LE HDR photography. Here's just one example of his colourful work.


11. Laurent Van Rossum - Triggertrap

This shot is doubly atmospheric in black and white. We love the contrast of the crisp white powder Laurent has captured.


12. Daniel Andres - Blast Off

This one wins on creativity alone! Even though this would be a great photo without it, the steel wool spinning makes this scene so much more exciting.


With 2015 already upon us and the Triggertrap Ada launch just around the corner, we're on the edge of our seats with anticipation of what our Triggertrap users will create next. Don't forget to share your photos in our Flickr pool or on tag them with #Triggertrap when sharing elsewhere. If you're just getting started with your Triggertrap kit, make sure you check out Triggertrap How To for a kick start on some of the techniques you've seen above.