Triggertrap Kickstarter Success

London, 25 July 2011: Initially looking for $25,000 (£15,360) of funding via crowd-funding website Kickstarter, the team behind a brand new photography gadget, were overwhelmed with support. The project – dubbed ‘Triggertrap’ – has now achieved more than twice the amount of funding it was looking for. With still a week left before the funding deadline, the project is an incredible testament to the growing power of crowd-sourcing: It has received more than US$60,000 (£36,880) in investments from more than 700 different investors across the globe.  Steaming past the original goal, the entrepreneurs have now set sight on a new aim of reaching $100,000 and are also reaching out to the high street and major photography retailers on- and offline, to fully bring Triggertrap to the photographing masses.

The innovative Triggertrap enables creative photographers to trigger their cameras in a number of different ways. Capturing the imagination of photographers and gadget fans all over the world, more than 720 triggertraps have been pre-ordered.

Crowd-funded by hundreds of small investors

The London based Triggertrap team is headed up by Ziah Fogel, an ex-Pixar Technical Director, and Haje Jan Kamps, photographer and writer and technical editor of more than a dozen books about photography.

The Triggertrap has been in development for 18 months, but instead of turning to venture capital or privately funding the Triggertrap, Kamps took the unusual approach of turning to the internet for crowd funding. In a video and text on crowd-funding platform, he explained what Triggertrap could do for photography fans. The response was overwhelming, with Triggertrap reaching its funding goal in only eight days.

US based Kickstarter ( is currently the world’s largest funding platform for creative projects. Every week, tens of thousands of people pledge millions of dollars to projects.

Haje Jan Kamps, the brain behind the Triggertrap, says: “The concept of crowd-sourcing is absolutely incredible. Here are more than 700 people who have enough faith in the idea of the Triggertrap that they have decided to pay money for a product that doesn’t even exist in the real world yet. It’s humbling and incredibly encouraging.”

"Because people are pre-paying for the Triggertrap, it enables me to use the money to tool up a production line and get the devices made in retail quantities. Before crowd funding, I would have had to turn to a bank loan, a venture capitalist, or private funding. With Kickstarter, however, I get a lot more than just money. The buzz for Triggertrap is incredible, and I have been able to receive a lot of feed-back about the product before it even exists.

Shipping in October

The Triggertrap is shipping in October, and can be pre-ordered for $75 + $5 shipping via Kickstarter until 31 July 2011. After that, the price increases to $125.

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Triggertrap media resources

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About Triggertrap

Triggertrap is an open-source, open-hardware electronic device that enables photographers to take photos when a particular event happens: Breaking a laser-beam, clapping your hands, or any other sensor you could connect to the device. In addition, it does time-lapse photography.

The Triggertrap can be used with the vast majority of digital SLR cameras and many compact cameras, either via a connection lead, or by triggering the camera over Infra-Red.

Triggertrap is based on the Arduino ( rapid prototyping platform, and supports all current digital SLR cameras.