Competition: Help us decorate our new office!

Triggertrap is always growing, and it's time for us to move to a bigger office here in London town. We're super excited to finally have the space to spread our wings a bit and muck about with camera-triggering setups in even bigger and crazier ways! The main problem is that the walls in the new place are totally bare. How sad does that make us? Very sad indeed...and that's why we came up with a semi-clever idea: Why don't we ask our awesome customers to send us some postcards?

Here's the deal...

  1. Create a postcard with a photo you've taken using a Triggertrap product (Touchnote is a great way of turning your photos into postcards!)
  2. Remember to add your e-mail address (and preferably your Twitter name, if you have one) on the postcard, so we can get in touch with you!
  3. Send it to us at Triggertrap, 4th Floor, 207-221 Pentonville Road, London, N1 9UZ, United Kingdom, Europe, The World, The Milky Way etc, etc...
  4. Cross your fingers - our favourite postcard will win a £250 gift card!

We'll put all the photos up on our walls in our new office, and the best shot gets the place of honour (On the outside of our office door, above the Triggertrap logo, for all to see). If that's your postcard, we'll send you a £250 gift card for the Triggertrap Shop, to spend on some of our awesome products!

Competition closes August 15th, so get moving!