If you check the iOS App Store for updates today, you'll find a minty-fresh update from Triggertrap waiting for download. It has several small bugfixes in it, but the biggest thing about this update is that we are including a brand new language! If your phone is set to German, you'll spot that the application will also be in German - to celebrate that we've just gone on sale in Germany and Switzerland!

A walkthrough - in German!

Other fixes


  • Updated for iOS 6 and iPhone 5.
  • Enter power-saving mode when shooting timelapses.
  • Fix bug that caused issues with HDR sequences when channels had differing lag settings.
  • Update mode names.
  • + a metric craptonne of other minor bug fixes that have been driving us all mad over the past few weeks. You're welcome.

More languages coming soon!

We're in progress of adding more languages, too, but we wanted to start with just the one, just to ensure we get everything right. We have a dozen other languages coming up relatively soon - so stay tuned.

One quick heads-up: it's an enormous task to translate a whole application to another language, and it's possible there are the odd typo or translation oddity in there - if you find anything weird, please do let us know!