EarthLapse 2015 has landed!

What do you get when you combine 45 awesome photographers, 12 different countries, and 12500 stunning photos? The world's most glorious, globally crowdsourced timelapse film you have ever seen.

After the wild success of LapseLondon back in December, we just couldn't stop ourselves from holding another timelapse event. And what better opportunity than Earth Day 2015!?

On April 22nd, the Triggertrap Team along with 45 other photographers across 5 continents set out with the same goal: To capture their view of the corner of the world they call home. Our team were out and about in London and Bristol, but they are only 2 out of 31 different towns and cities you can see in the breathtaking EarthLapse film. From windsurfers in South Africa, to traffic in Atlanta, with a couple of city sunsets thrown in for good measure, you can't help but be amazed at the brilliance of Planet Earth.

In total, 50 staggering crowdsourced timelapse clips all shot during the same day have been brought together to create three and a half minutes of timelapse goodness like you have never seen before! But enough from us, you'd better take a look yourself...

EarthLapse from Triggertrap on Vimeo.

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