High-speed photography is, I think we can all agree, completely awesome. We’ve all seen the images: incredible, tiny, dramatic moments captured at the very instant the action happens.

Frozen microseconds that let us see things that are normally imperceptible: The taut skin of a burst water balloon peels back, its innards suspended like a shattering, watery nebula. A bouncing tennis ball is caught hovering millimetres from the ground, kicking up sparkling, pin-sharp atoms of clay dust. A tiny pipistrelle bat unwittingly darts out of the night and floats amid an endless abyss of black. A man drops a strawberry on a spoon for some reason.

These stunning images have always been labours of love - demanding the sort of precision, patience and panache that few of us have. In short, they were the preserve of the professionals.

Armed with the brand spanking new Triggertrap Flash Adapter, a Triggertrap Mobile Dongle and a smartphone, your first leaps into high-speed photography is now within reach of everyone! (Of course, if you really want to kick your high-speed photography into a high gear, you should also take a look at the Triggertrap v1)

Why trigger the Flash?

Awesome photograph in 3... 2... 1...

So why are we triggering the flash? For high-speed photographers, triggering a DSLR camera from a smartphone is all about reaction time. The delay between your screen-tap or hand-clap and your camera going off - the dreaded shutter lag - isn’t very long by most people’s standards, but it can mean the difference between capturing that elusive breaking glass, popping balloon or stampeding wildebeest, and missing the moment completely.

Attach a Triggertrap Flash Adapter to any hotshoe-ready flash gun and an iPhone in a darkened room, set your camera on a long exposure and use any of Triggertrap Mobile’s many triggers (sound and vibration are your best bets here) and you’re ready to go. Just check out our handy demonstration video here and you’ll quickly see what we mean! Amazing images are now only a bounce, bang or even a bullet away (but safety first, kids).

Triggertrap Flash Adapter in all its glory

Up until now, the lag on Triggertrap Mobile for iOS has been a frankly sluggish 60 milliseconds - but our developers have made some exciting tweaks to the app and we’re now seeing reaction times of just 5 milliseconds.

As avid fans of mathematics will have noticed, that means the latest version of Triggertrap Mobile is up to TWELVE TIMES faster, depending on what iOS device you’re using. Not too shabby, we think - and it’s this speed boost that enables photographers to make use of our nifty new accessory.

The Triggertrap Flash Adapter is available right now from our shop, and the latest version of Triggertrap Mobile is waiting for you in the App Store. Get your orders in now, folks!

Gorgeous photos like this are only possible if you're triggering the flash instead of your camera (photo by Triggertrap user Gabe Toth)


To use the Triggertrap Flash Adapter, you’ll need either a Triggertrap v1, a Triggertrap Shield for Arduino, or a Triggertrap Mobile Dongle coupled with the Triggertrap Mobile App for iOS or for Android*

Get yours today!

Loving the sound of that? Great! You can learn more about the Triggertrap Flash Adapter on our product page, or if you're extra-eager, head over to the Triggertrap Shop to order your Triggertrap Flash Adapter today!

*) Unfortunately the Triggertrap Mobile App for Android is not yet optimised for high speed photography with the Triggertrap Flash Adapter – You will be able to trigger your flash, but the iOS version of the app is currently significantly faster. We’re working really hard to make the Android version of the app better, so keep an eye out for updates!