Head of Software R&D

As Triggertrap is strapping on a magnificent rocket booster for our next stages of our extremely rapid growth, we need someone who can lead our mobile app software team. You are experienced and well-versed in managing the delivery of amazing apps, preferably both on iOS and on Android, with extra bonus points for Windows Mobile experience. You're more than casually acquainted with photography, and you're spoiling for a fight - and oh boy are we going to pick one! Triggertrap is tooling up to rock the world of photography in more ways than one, with an awesome product road map, and a couple of nifty tricks up our sleeve.

In other words: You're going to lead us into battle; steadfast, un-wavering, and with great gusto. Hence the slightly over-the-top photo at the top of this job listing.

To get where we want to go, we need to find someone who embodies the perfect storm of entrepreneurial spirit, strategic thinking, and operational know-how. The plan for Triggertrap is to grow, and to grow fast, so we need someone who can take the reins.

About Triggertrap

We’re a pretty new company, born from a wildly successful Kickstarter project in July 2011. Our flagship product is Triggertrap Mobile, a combination of hardware and mobile app that lets you trigger your SLR from your smartphone in loads of different ways. This shot into the top five in the App Store charts around the world, and has now been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times. But we don't have to tell you that; you've probably already downloaded our apps on both iOS and Android, and done your research. Because you're predictably efficient like that.

About you

  • Leadership: You are a natural and experienced leader - your crew rallies around you, and your chief superpower is your talent at getting the best out of people.
  • Hiring & Managing: You are 100% comfortable with hiring, managing, and developing a team of developers, designers, and testers at break-neck speed.
  • Agile as fook: You're a master of process, and experienced in an agile development environment. You have very strong opinions on which agile methodologies Triggertrap should be using, and you have a clear picture of how we can implement them. In fact, you probably dream in user stories, you can do sprint planning whilst fiercely hung over, and you don't shy away from the odd user persona or two.
  • Geeky: You are eternally curious, extremely well-informed, and eager to share what you've learned, both with Triggertrap and with the wider world.
  • Responsible & taking charge: You're ready to put your stake in the ground, and take responsibility for one of the most important roles at Triggertrap: You're the traffic cop that points us in the right direction, the teacher that shows us how it's done, and the visionary who can inspire us to deliver the greatest apps the (photography) world has ever seen.
  • Learning & Teaching: You're itching to build amazing software, and willing to tell the world about it, which means that you've probably been to a ton of conferences, and you've spoken at a few, too.
  • 1 degree of separation: You're well connected in the app development world, and as you're reading this, you're probably already thinking of a couple of app developers you're going to want to take with you.
  • Ambition: You're almost insanely ambitious, and you can see that Triggertrap matches your ambition perfectly.

What we offer

  • The chance to work at a fast-growing, profitable startup.
  • You report directly to the CEO.
  • Flexible working: we’re more interested in the work you’re doing than when and where you’re doing it - having said that, we have offices in London and Bristol, so you'll probably want to be close to one of those.
  • Competitive salary.
  • Generous options scheme.
  • All the usual perks: cycle to work scheme, childcare vouchers, pension, season ticket loans.
  • Friday beers. Drinks are on us!

How to apply

The CEO will be interviewing for this job. He's not that hard to find, and you're creative and resourceful. Make an impression.

NO AGENCIES! Any agency that contacts us in relation to this or any other position will be blacklisted and reported to the ICO. No, seriously.