Implementing Triggertrap into your Halloween project

Extra bonus points for creativity on this project: Adding a Triggertrap v1-triggered camera to your Haunted House set-up, to ensure that the visitors get photos of themselves as the Haunted House scares the bejesus out of them! Triggertrap fan Brett Heyes shared his project with us: A way of capturing photos of people as they are maiking their way through a haunted house.


Of course, they decided to go with Triggertrap as their controller -- and we're working with them to help customise the Triggertrap v1's excellent, customiseable, open-source software to ensure that the photos come out as well as they can - every single time.

With the Triggertrap setup, they're able to capture fantastic pictures - and show them off on their FearCam Flickr group, of course. Awesome stuff.

Thanks for sharing Brett!

What's your awesome Triggertrap project?

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