Introducing Triggertrap Mobile Dongle v2

Cover photo by Loren Lewis.

Oh wow, are we delighted to be able to make this announcement... Triggertrap Mobile Dongle v2 is here, and is scheduled to start shipping at the end of the month! It's great news for a load of different reasons, not least that the Triggertrap Mobile Dongle fully supports Triggertrap Mobile for Android... And can be used with EU Volume-limited devices, at long last!


So, what have we changed?

  • The insides of the dongle are completely new. The reaction speed of the triggering signal is faster and even more reliable!
  • The dongles are now far more sensitive, meaning that they will work fully with phones that are volume limited.
  • Slim-line plug - A lot of you were asking for a smaller plug, so it's easier to use the Triggertrap Mobile Dongle whilst you have your smartphone in a protective sleeve.
  • A pretty red cable (who wants black cables anyway...)
  • Bundled with our most popular cables.

Mobile Dongle Kits!

The Triggertrap Mobile Dongle v2 can be purchased on its own (for $24.99), or it can be purchased pre-bundled with one of four different cables (for $29.99). The four cables that come in pre-bundled kits cover most Canon and Nikon cameras.

Of course, we haven't forgotten about you if you use one of the other camera manufacturer's cameras either - we will continue selling all 9 of our camera connection cables, and we continue to support our more than 280 different camera models! To find out which camera you need, check out our Camera Compatibility Checker page!

The new dongles will be available for purchase from the end of September. If you want a reminder when they're available, please join the Triggertrap newsletter!