Cover photo by David Hopley.

If you launch the App Store today, you'll see something really rather tasty: a brand new version of the Triggertrap Mobile App*! Best of all, it fixes one of the most-often-complained-about problems with the Triggertrap Mobile UI: The shutter speed selector slider.

A brand new shutter speed picker for the Triggertrap Mobile app!
A brand new shutter speed picker for the Triggertrap Mobile app!

Just to prove that we do (occasionally) listen to what you lovely lot are saying to us, Ross and Matt rolled up their sleeves and fixed it once and for all, with a shiny new controller for selecting shutter speeds in Triggertrap Mobile for iOS.

Gone is the old, fiddly and nigh-on useless slider, and the new one is in its place. It's a huge improvement over the one that was there, but we'll continue refining it as as we go forward!

What else is new?

  • 1.5.4 fixes a problem which caused the motion trigger to only take one photo when using the internal camera.
  • 1.5.4 fixes a bug which caused the volume to not return to the previous level when exiting the app.
  • 1.5.4 also has a ton of other little UI and stability fixes.
  • From 1.5.4 onwards, we are featuring a series of awesome photos in the launch screen of Triggertrap Mobile (it shows up briefly whilst the app is loading). It's a small thing, but we do so love seeing the fantastic things you guys come up with! So, if you want to be considered for the launch screen, remember to upload your images to the Flickr pool, and then - we do need your permission to use it, you see!

What else would you like fixed?

We're on a mission to make our apps better. Much better. So, if you have any grievances or ideas, please do let us know over on our forum.