Zoinks! You know when you see a video online that completely blows your mind? And the resolution is so high that your eyeballs literally melt and dribble down your face? Well, get ready for something really special: a jaw-dropping timelapse in 4K, using Triggertrap Mobile.

For the uninitiated (i.e. those of you who might not be resolution geeks), 4K images are those with a horizontal pixel count in the order of 4,000 - a frankly ludicrous  number that generates images with four times the resolution of 1080p, the previous standard-bearer in all things hi-res.

Taken from a wonderful review of Triggertrap Mobile on the always-excellent The Phoblographer site (aka photographer Peter Walkowiak) , the timelapse itself was, in the man's own words, "compiled from thousands of images". We bet it was. Thousands of flippin' massive images.

So is this the first 4K timelapse created using Triggertrap? If you think you've made one that's bigger and better, we'd love to see your efforts! It's a big world...let's fill it with PIXELS.