LA to Las Vegas in 20 seconds using Triggertrap Mobile's distancelapse wizardry!

Ah, Las Vegas. The original Sin City. Home of glamour, gambling and, somewhat inexplicably, the Eiffel Tower. A city so exciting you’d want to get there as quickly as possible - ideally in a fire-apple red convertible with Dr. Gonzo by your side.

So how does a journey time of 20 seconds sound? Photographer Kevin Johnson manages it in this incredible distancelapse video, created using a car, his Canon 7D and the Triggertrap Mobile app.

Since the distancelapse mode uses your smartphone’s GPS chip to take pictures at regular distance intervals, you get a nice even run all the way from California to Nevada, with no boring time spent sat in traffic or at those pesky red lights. More time to enjoy those cool neon lights!

Now, if you'll excuse us, we're wanted at the roulette table...