Made on Triggertrap: best of August 2012

Cover photo by Tim Gamble.

Well, it might be a little bit late coming in mid-September, but this is a good time to remember that Triggertrap is all about enabling photographers to make interesting work. Great things keep coming from our community through our forum, twitter and the Flickr, Facebook and Vimeo pages. I won't get caught up in hyperbole, but they really are getting better all the time. Timelapses made using Triggertrap Mobile and the TTv1 are evolving from tentative quick tests to full blown productions with music and multiple scenes. Below are some of my favourite images and videos from the month of August.

There have been a few timelapses inspired by sunsets. I really like these two from Fabian, made using the Triggertrap v1, not only because they are lovely to look at, but also because he tried something, wanted to improve on it, got some advice, and tried it a different way.

This is another simple but beautiful timelapse, from Filipe Enes, using Triggertrap mobile. I especially love the small bit of water towards the bottom centre of the screen, retreating away. Dreamy.

The photos, like the timelapses, are also starting to be taken to the next level. People are going from popping just one balloon to crazy babushka doll monsters of balloon-popping infinite regression. What I'm talking about of course are Evan M Jones' amazing shots of balloons popping within other balloons, taken using the sound trigger on the Triggertrap v1. There's a whole series you can have a look at on Flickr but this one has to be my favourite (note all the colourful corpses of previous balloons strewn around).


And we might even get Evan to post a short how-to guide explaining his technique, so look out for that.

There were too many more great photos and videos to mention them all in this post, so I encourage you to have a look through the Flickr and Vimeo groups, leave any comments or suggestions you have for the work already submitted, and of course submit your own. Do it in the next 10 days and you might be featured in the September edition!