Made on Triggertrap: best of July 2012

July has been a pretty big month for Triggertrap. This has been the first month that hundreds of people have finally got their hands on the long-awaited Triggertrap v1. And, since we first released it in May, thousands more have been using Triggertrap Mobile. Our Flickr group is growing, and we're seeing videos and photos made using Triggertrap popping up everywhere. It makes us really happy to see these, in all their diversity: from professionals producing technically elaborate work to someone just trying out making a timelapse for the first time, because having an iPhone app to do it makes it accessible for them.

So I'm going to share with you the things I loved the most from the month just past - because they are beautiful, or interesting, or a clever use of the devices, or a person just trying something different.

Hacks & Photos

Ok this first one is actually from May, but it's so in the hacking spirit of Triggertrap that I had to share it. Flickr user Grimzentide made this quick timelapse, but what's remarkable is the rotational rig he used to do the panning. I can't say I understand the mechanism exactly, but anything that involves rubber bands and costs $12 gets points for ingenuity.

This photo features a beautiful example of using the Triggertrap Mobile startrail mode, as well as a cat, which immediately gives it 100 internet points.


The below image was made using a Triggertrap v1 triggering the camera on sound input. Besides having a great moody atmosphere, it resulted in a lively discussion about shutter lag:


This one was done using the LE HDR, showing that having a 1/15s limitation in HDR mode doesn't stop you taking fantastic photos:


Moving pictures!

And finally this video, by Oliver Hine, made using the LE HDR Timelapse mode, takes things into the 4th dimension.