Making your Own Triggertrap Connection Leads

You may have spotted that we have a page where you can check which connection leads you need, and where you can buy them, but of course, there's nothing wrong with making your own either. Do note that if you choose to do this, you'd better know what you're doing, because we're not able to offer support on home-made cables... Having said that, as far as DIY projects go, cables are hardly at the 'advanced' end of the scale. In this article, we'll take a look at how to do that.

Into the Triggertrap

There are three different Triggertrap devices, so be careful:

  • The Triggertrap v1 has a 3.5mm mini jack socket.
  • The Triggertrap Shield has a 3.5mm mini jack socket.
  • The Triggertrap Mobile Dongle has a 2.5mm mini jack socket.

Cable Compatibility & Adapters

All cables that can be used on the Triggertrap v1 and Shield can be used on the Triggertrap Mobile with a 3.5mm (f) to 2.5mm (m) adapter.

All cables that can be used on Triggertrap Mobile can also be used on Triggertrap v1 and Shield with a 2.5mm (f) to 3.5mm (m) adapter.

Both these adapters can typically be purchased from electronics stores like Maplin and Radio Shack, or online retailers like eBay or Amazon for a couple of dollars.

From Triggertrap to Camera

Connecting the Triggertrap to a variety of cameras is done by sourcing a plug (Personally, I would just head to eBay, buy a cheap $3 remote for your camera on eBay, hack off the button bit, and solder it to the wire described above...)