Meet Alexander Chin, Timelapse-o-grapher extraordinaire

Our users are great (and you should know, you’re probably one of them). But what are they really like? What inspires them and how do they achieve the amazing results they get with Triggertrap Mobile and Triggertrap V1? Lately, we’ve been trying to talk to as many of these creative photographers as possible, in an attempt to find out what makes them tick (or should that be what makes them click?) and if they have any advice they can offer to others - whether they be nervous newbies making their first ever timelapse videos or world-weary professionals looking for new and exciting ways to freshen up their workflow.

One intrepid snapper we’ve been in touch with is Alexander Chin, a 22-year-old amateur photographer from Melbourne, Australia. Alex works in IT security by day, but in his spare time he puts together some pretty badass timelapse videos.

So how did he get started?

"I started in October 2012 experimenting with my Nikon D90 and the Triggertrap which I had just found”, he told us. “I inherited all my brother’s photography equipment at the beginning of 2012 and slowly started learning how to use it all. It took me a while to pick up the Triggertrap device and actually use it as I found learning the capability of a DSLR camera was difficult enough!”

Seasoned timelapsers will know that there are many ways to go about processing and assembling the images they’ve captured. Alex has his own particular process to turn the images he captures into the amazing finished movies you can see on his site at

For example, when he was hired as a volunteer to timelapse Anzac Day in Melbourne (check it out above): “I took photos for nine hours and ended up with 5400 photos in RAW. I used SNS-HDR Pro to give the RAW photos a little more details and a nice pseudo HDR effect.”

Next he used a combination of LightRoom, LRTimelapse (“to ensure the exposure between each photo is smooth”), AfterEffects and Premiere to ensure a stunning, professional finish. Pretty cool, huh?

What we wanted to know, however, was if there were any special tips or tricks he’d picked up while timelapsing around Australia? Any special equipment he’d recommend?

“Coffee,” he assures us - “you always need coffee when you plan on standing in the same place for a few hours!”

Anything else he swears by?

“Waterproofing for yourself and your gear; a black sheet (I use a DIY black t-shirt with a hole in it to shoot inside buildings and reduce reflections); a ThinkTank streetwalker backpack; and my bicycle. I’m currently in the process of making a timelapse railing system.”

Phew! For an amateur, Alex is really getting stuck in, and why not when he’s getting results like this:

It’s always amazing for us to see the sort of thing photographers get up to with Triggertrap products (as the general level of wide-eyed hyperbole you’ll find on this blog will attest), and it’s especially great to see people learning as they go - because that’s exactly what we did!

“I only wish I knew how to use the Triggertrap device earlier in the year when I was in the USA for nine months,” Alex told us. “I really regret not being able to timelapse all the national parks I went to!”

Anyone fancy putting Alex up so he can finish the job?!

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