It's no secret that we're proud of our Triggertrap Mobile App. It is easily the best camera triggering application out there - but as with any app, there are always things we can improve. One of the things we weren't quite happy with was how much battery the Triggertrap Mobile App consumes - and so, we spent a significant amount of time profiling exactly which parts of our app were using a lot of processing and battery power. We found several culprits, and one of the biggest 'under the hood' improvements of Triggertrap Mobile for iOS version 1.4 is that we've hugely improved these particular pieces of functionality.

To test, we ran a series of tests on my iPhone 5. The results are rather astonishing. For example; I ran an TimeWarp programme with Quadratic Easing In/Out, taking 600 photos over 60 minutes. I started with a completely, 100% full battery, and the phone set to Airplane mode after a fresh restart.

Before version 1.4, the final battery had depleted by 33% With 1.4, the final battery had depleted by 21% ... An improvement of 37%!

Pretty impressive stuff. That means that with an elegant flick of the wrist (or whatever it is that coders do. There is wrist-flicking involved, right? And stroking beards and solving quadratic equations?), battery life has been improved hugely. Awesome stuff.

The improvement in battery life will be visible in all timelapse triggering modes (basically, the ones where you're likely to leave your phone laying around for a long period of time) - and it's just one of the many little ways we've made Triggertrap Mobile better in version 1.4.

Do you have an idea for an improvement?

The battery life improvement was an obvious one, but if you have ideas for improvement for Triggertrap Mobile, the best way to share them is to add an 'idea' to our Get Satisfaction forums; We read all the suggestions, and the best suggestions get added to our to-do list!