More Triggertrap Testing

Since we're now getting dangerously close to actually cranking these awesome little devices out (The factory finally received the shipment of LCD screens that have been holding us back since January!), it's time to expand a little bit more on the whole testing process. I outlined how the testing is actually done a while ago, but that left the guys at Seeed studios with a challenge: How can they translate my haphazard test plan into a reproduce-able and robust test programme? Well, by doing some solid engineering and building a rather spiffing test bench, of course...

Let's look at some shots, then!

So, I'll just go ahead and note this in photographs, and marvel in awe at how close we are... At long last...

So.. Are you to shipping yet?

Yeah, I know, I know... It's so close we can taste it! I'm awaiting the final confirmation from the factory, but our estimate hasn't changed; we're still operating on the assumption that we'll be able to start shipping the Triggertraps to our Kickstarter backers (and, immediately after that, all the pre-orders) before the end of April.

Stay tuned; as soon as I get the confirmation, I'll send out an e-mail to everybody who's subscribed to our newsletter (you are subscribed, aren't you? If not - go ahead and sign up now - then you'll be the first to know when we're shipping!). Of course, I'll post an update here, too.


When we start shipping, we're going to stop taking pre-orders for a little while, whilst we clear out the batch of pre-orders we have, and make sure that all the Pre-orders are filled. Then, we'll offer the rest of the Triggertraps for sale. At the moment, it only looks like we'll have a couple of hundred extra, so if you want yours, it may be a good idea to get a pre-order in as soon as you can!

Stay awesome,

~ Haje & the rest of Team Triggertrap