New Firmware for TTv1 & Triggertrap Shield!

Cover photo by Joseph Gruber.

It's been pretty quiet around Triggertrap v1 and our Triggertrap Shield for Arduino - but that doesn't mean that stuff isn't happening in the background! Today, we're announcing that we've released a brand new firmware update for both devices, bringing the version number up to version 0.3.36.

Awesome star-trails photo taken by Duanne of Cassone photography
Awesome star-trails photo taken by Duanne of Cassone photography

Thanks to the awesome work of Duanne of Cassone Photography, the Arduino-based Triggertraps now sport a fancy new time lapse bulb mode, along with higher-resolution stepping.

What could you use that for? Well, Star trail photography, of course!

What's new?

In timelapse mode the exposure option is normally off. If you turn it on, it overrides the default shutter signal to hold it open for the selected period. This is ideal for long exposure timelapses at night - similar to the way the Star Trail mode works on Triggertrap Mobile.

In addition to the shiny new Star Trail functionality, we've also included a couple of minor updates improving the IR signaling as well.

Instructions for how to update your Triggertrap v1 or Triggertrap Shield for Arduino can be found in our handy upgrade guide!

Be sure to check out Duanne's gallery of star trails, along with his excellent PDF guide to star trail photography.