Photographing the 2012 eclipse with Triggertrap

Triggertrap fan Bill Hetzel shared something pretty special with us today: His timelapse video of the 2012 eclipse over Australia. By using the Triggertrap Mobile app, he was able to kick back and enjoy the eclipse, whilst leaving his camera to do its own thing. Check out the video below, and underneath that, Bill shares how the created it.

The Video

How was it done?

This was shot a couple of weeks ago in Queensland, Australia.

For this video, we used the Triggertrap App on an iPad to trigger the shutter on our camera. We took one photograph every 1.4 seconds. We considered other Apps for this function, but in the end tried to keep it simple with your App. It worked very well for our purposes!

I manually adjusted the shutter speed during totality to capture more of the corona. Of course, then the shutter speed had to be returned to its original value once the solar filter was back in place.

Using your App, we could just enjoy the eclipse which was the whole point anyway.

Hope you enjoy the video!

We certainly did, Bill, Thank you so much for sharing!