Re-testing all our Triggertrap Mobile Dongles

We've shipped a few thousand of our Triggertrap Mobile Dongles, and we've been receiving a slow but steady trickle of complaints that some of the dongles don't work. We personally tested dozens of them, of course, before we shipped a single one of them to our customers, but it does appear that we do have a few duds out there. Based on the information we have so far, we think that somewhere between 2 and 5% of the Triggertrap Mobile Dongles are affected. Needless to say, anybody who is found to receive a faulty dongle will receive a replacement completely free of charge (if you think this might affect you, please go through our troubleshooting guide, and follow the contact instructions there).

It goes without saying that we are extremely unhappy with having run into this problem in the first place.

So, what happened?

Triggertrap Mobile Dongle version 1. 

When we first started working with this manufacturer back in January, they promised that "the products are tested during manufacturing" and "we make sure there are no faulty cables in the shipments". It turned out that didn't quite happen, and the manufacturer tested only 70% of the dongles before shipping them to us.

Fixing the problem: Re-testing everything

We've decided to do the only thing we could think of to make things right: We've shipped all our remaining dongles from our warehouse back to the manufacturers. They are currently in the process of opening all the packaging, and re-testing all the dongles. The working dongles get re-packaged, and the failed dongles are discarded.

The testing of the dongles should be completed in about 10 days, and we hope we'll be able to resume shipping again at that point - with a zero per cent failure rate, this time.

Obviously, we're extremely embarrassed this happened. It makes for a poor experience for our users, and that's simply not good enough: We want you to receive hardware that works, so you can enjoy your Triggertrap Mobile App the way it is meant to be used.