Meet Triggertrap Mobile's Solar Calculator, the perfect tool for stunning sunset photos

Are you eager to create gorgeous Sunrise and Sunset timelapses, but are struggling to time them just right? Fear not! We've devised the perfect solution to help you capture magic hour perfectly every time. When most people start experimenting with Sunrise and Sunset timelapses, there's often far too much left to chance and guesswork. However this doesn't have to be the case. Our delightfully clever developer team have created the perfect accompanying tool to your timelapse photography.


Introducing Triggertrap Mobile's Solar Calculator for Android 

As of today, Triggertrap Mobile for Android will include a handy Solar Calculator that will let you know exactly when Sunrise and Sunset are for your location. The Calculator will also tell you when first and last light will be, so you can work out exactly how long you need your timelapse to be and create correct length, super smooth timelapses. The perfect addition to our Bramping mode! Our Solar Calculator is based on Civil Twilight. What does that mean? Put simply, this is the most common definition of Twilight. The slightly longer answer is it’s the period between Sunrise or Sunset and when the centre of the sun is 6 degrees below the horizon. The visualisation in the calculator shows the Sunrise and Sunset for the current day, and the information below will tell you the times for the upcoming Sunset and Sunrise so that you can always be ready for the next Twilight photo shoot. What if you're shooting in a location where your phone isn't able to connect to location services, I hear you cry? Way ahead of you. In fact, your smart device is the one who is way ahead of you. It will remember the last place that it was connected and use that information to provide the Sunrise and Sunset times. Handy, right? Download the update for Triggertrap Mobile for Android from the Play Store now.

When will we see Solar Calculator for iOS?

An update should be available in the App store within the next week, so iOS users will be able to create gorgeous Sunset timelapses too! Any questions about our shiny new Solar Calculator? Check out our manual or email us at