Calling all timelapse photographers!

In need of a little pick-me-up in the form of a solution to all your timelapse woes? Ready to take your timelapse game to the next level? Then we've got just the thing for you: Drum roll please... Announcing Triggertrap Timelapse Pro! Triggertrap Timelapse Pro is our brand new iOS app that offers flexible and powerful modular timelapse creation to photographers everywhere.

What the devil is modular timelapse creation?

Any photographer who's dabbled with timelapse will be familiar with the intervalometer. But with Triggertrap Timelapse Pro, you don't just get intervalometer features - there are also our brand new delay modules, enabling the construction of complex timelapse sequences for the first time in a Triggertrap app.

The modules are completely customisable: You can add as many as you like, reorder them, and delete them when you're done! You can also save as many sequences as you like, so you are ready to go in every scenario.

Timelapse Pro works seamlessly with our existing Triggertrap Mobile kit, so all existing users need to complete the perfect timelapse toolkit is the app itself. Intrigued? Go on, grab it now!


Let's take a closer look at those funky modules.

The intervalometer module allows users to either program a specific number of images to be captured, or an amount of time to stay active for. And as for that little delay module - well, you can set that guy up to wait for seconds, minutes, or even hours! That's more than enough time for you to put the kettle on and put your feet up.

You can even give each sequence its own custom name for super fast access to some timelapse-y goodness. And because we love you guys and know what a pain it is when you have a flat phone battery, we've put in a Power Saver mode and a Battery Threshold, so you can stop your sequence with enough gas left in the tank to get home.


What is it that makes Timelapse Pro so great?

When complex sequences can be put together this easily, a whole new world of timelapse inspiration is now at your fingertips! Ever wanted to capture a timelapse of a plant growing in your garden? Now you can. Just set an intervalometer module for the daytime and a delay for the night, then another intervalometer for the following day and so on!

What about capturing a sunset or sunrise? Not a problem: just set a delay until the time you want to start capturing the event, and you no longer have to wake up at crazy o'clock to capture something beautiful.

On top of all of these exciting features, we're eager to know what users think right from day one so that when we start adding more modules, they'll be the ones Timelapse Pro users really need.


 So what do our users think?

“I liked being able to name the timelapses so the setting are easily accessible.” - Will Tomlinson


“I really like the fact that you can create default settings for different types of timelapse situations.” - Mattia Bicchi


How can I get Timelapse Pro in my life?

Timelapse Pro is available on iOS devices running iOS 8 or later, including iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch devices, and it's only £3.99 ($4.99) on the App Store!  If you haven't already, get it now!

What happens next?

When you’ve checked the app out, be sure to let us know what you think. We love hearing how users interact with our apps, and welcome any improvements we can look to make! So if you have any feedback, don’t hesitate to mention it in our forum or email us at .

We're just at the beginning of a new timelapse journey and we want you to join us! The current features in Timelapse Pro are already awesome but we know that there is so much more to timelapse photography. Get creating and send us your feature requests through the app itself so we can make sure we continue to build a timelapse app that works the way you want it to.