Timelapse week 2015!

If you haven't already heard, here at Triggertrap Towers we love ourselves a bit of timelapse. Almost too much. In fact, we love timelapse so much, we've decided to devote an entire week to it. For starters, we'll be featuring a different timelapse clip everyday over on our Instagram page, so make sure you check it out! Not only that, we want you guys to get involved to: We have a website dedicated to timelapse called Primelapse, so get yourself over there and share your creations. We absolutely love watching them - and can't resist shouting about them either!

Here's a couple of our favourites:

Hold on to your hats: There's more!

Our passion for timelapse drove an awesome little project back in December 2014 called LapseLondon, when we hosted the biggest single-day crowdsourced timelapse of all time. A day in the life of London seen through the eyes of 40 photographers. If you haven't already seen it, where have you been?!

Timelapse Pro

As if all this wasn't enough, we've just released a brand new app that is the perfect addition to your timelapse toolkit: Triggertrap Timelapse Pro. You can read some more about it here.

Never tried a timelapse before but find yourself inspired? Here's our handy guide to getting started. Go on, it's as easy as pie. Once you're done, don't forget to share them over on Primelapse! Be sure to tag #timelapseweek and @triggertrap on any awesome timelapse videos you post on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Vimeo.