Tips for securing your phone when using Triggertrap Mobile

Cover photo by Phillip Baker.

Here at Triggertrap we've had a few of you asking about a way to attach your phone to your tripod. This turned out to be more a of a question than it first seemed. There are plenty of phone mounts about but these treat the phone as the camera and not as an attachable accessory. So, how to secure the two onto one tripod during those 5 hour timelapses? Well, here are some methods we've found...

Triggertrap Phonetrap


An obvious favourite here at the Triggertrap office, Triggertrap Phonetrap sits neatly on your camera's hotshoe and is adjustable in size in order to fit many phones. You can also remove the hotshoe half and mount Phonetrap directly on to a tripod, which can come in handy during high speed or sensor photography!


Possibly the most expensive option we found but one the most sturdy. Fully adjustable and pretty solid, you get what you pay for. TripodClamps' phone holder should provide minimal movement when you hit the shutter button on your Triggertrap Mobile app too.

GripTight GorillaPod Stand


Super flexible and useful to have, this stand will wrap around any size tripod with ease and should also be sturdy enough not to wobble your camera.

Some cheaper and more DIY options...

If you need something last minute or are working on a budget, any phone bag with a cord that you can tie around the tripod makes a handy phone holder. You'll need to be a bit careful about how you put the phone down after hitting the shutter, but apart from that it would still be secure and at least your pride-and-joy smartphone will be protected. Or if you're feeling a little more adventurous and happen to have a build of tripod this would work with, you could always use this lifehacker's creative binder clip solution...