The end of a long week is nigh (aah that Friday feeling), so we're well chuffed to see our name in print. Where, you ask? Well, in Android Magazine, of course! That particular well-respected stack of dead trees picked us as one of their top 25 innovations on Android!

We made it to number 2 on the list (after Samsung... I guess we'll just have to live with being number two after the bestselling handset manufacturer in the world).

We are the highest-ranked app, so we'll still crack open a couple of beers to celebrate!

25 amazing innovations in Android Tech. We were one of them. That makes us 4% of everything that's awesome on Android. Science fact.

So... A huge thank you to Android Magazine - and thank you, dear readers, for all your support!

You'll also be glad to hear that we've got a metric arse-ton of awesome in the pipeline for our Android app; To stay up to date, pop on over to the Google Play store to download it to your phone (it's free!) or sign up to our newsletter to be kept in the loop.

We would stay to chat more, but we're off to the pub. Cheerio!

Look at the nice things they said about us! Aw shucks.

If you want to read us in fine Technicolor on gorgeously bleached wood-pulp, run to the nearest shop and pick up the April 2013 issue of Android Magazine today!