Triggertrap cancel the delivery of Triggertrap Ada

After more than a year in development, Triggertrap have announced the cancelation of their Kickstarter-funded Triggertrap Ada product.

Now at the stage of a final working prototype, Triggertrap have made the difficult decision to cancel their new high speed triggering product Triggertrap Ada due to the development process being vastly more expensive than planned, and production costs spiralling out of control.

Triggertrap Ada, an infinitely-expandable modular camera triggering system for high-speed photography, was successfully funded through Kickstarter in November 2013, with an estimated shipping date of May 2014. What followed was a series of development issues, both hardware and software, that caused the shipment of Triggertrap Ada to be delayed by one year.

During the final stages of development, it became evident that Triggertrap Ada would cost three times the amount to put in to production than was originally estimated. With this information, Triggertrap determined that there is no longer a case for marketing the product as originally envisioned.

On 2nd March 2015, the company announced the cancellation of Triggertrap Ada to their Kickstarter backers with a transparent explanation and apology and have offered refund options.

Moving forward, Triggertrap will be refocusing on their existing product line of iOS and Android based remote control systems, and  future Triggertrap Mobile products.


Quotes from Triggertrap CEO Haje Jan Kamps about the cancellation of the Triggertrap Ada project:

"We have hundreds of thousands of customers around the world, and more than a million photographs are taken with Triggertrap’s Mobile products every month. If we commit to delivering Triggertrap Ada, there’s an extremely good chance that the company won’t survive. If that happens, we don’t just let down our Kickstarter backers; We also let down the six-figure number of customers we have around the world"

"We genuinely believed we could do something completely new, utterly exciting, and at a previously unattainable level of affordability. And we were proven spectacularly wrong."

"In short, the failure of Triggertrap Ada is not the end of innovation at Triggertrap – not by a long chalk. We’ll be licking our wounds for a while, for sure, but we’re also taking this opportunity to intensify our focus on what we do better than anyone else."


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