The State of the Droid: Triggertrap and Android

Cover photo by Daniel Prazak.

Greetings readers! I’m Neil, one of those new guys at Triggertrap that you've heard so much about. You may be pleased to hear that my role here is as a full-time Android coder, updating and improving the Triggertrap Mobile app (among other exciting projects) on a daily basis. Earlier today, we released Triggertrap Mobile for Android version 1.2.0... But I also wanted to talk to you about what's next... As everyone seems to be more and more aware these days, Android is a great platform boasting more brilliant devices than you can shake a stick at. It’s come a long way since the early days and we at Triggertrap love it. In fact, I’ll let you into a secret: the majority of us on the Triggertrap team use Android handsets as their main smartphone - so there's really no excuse for us to ignore it as a platform, is there?!

Team Triggertrap in action at the Triggertrap hackathon. 

Team Triggertrap in action at the Triggertrap hackathon. 

I’ve only been at Triggertrap for a short while, but already it’s been a great experience. I know that the people here are passionate about what they do, and so are the photographers in the wider Triggertrap community. I've loved seeing all of the amazing images that have been captured using the Triggertrap Mobile app.

At Triggertrap I want to create apps that make it simple to do the things that you want you want to do, to allow you to be more creative and inventive in your photography. I’m already working hard to make this and future versions of the Android app amazing. I know that the more amazing I can make the app for you, the more amazing results you’ll come up with, which in turn will amaze me and then we end up in a big, happy amazement loop (which has to be good a thing, right?).

The Future of Android and Triggertrap

I know that the future for Triggertrap Mobile on Android is bright. The team here have been listening to your feedback and comments and we’ve got a plan of action ready. No longer will the Android app be a second class citizen! The eagle-eyed and keen updaters among you will have noticed that this week we’ve already made updates to the current version of the app; adding our super-fun Bang mode to trigger your camera with sounds, and now with Wi-Fi master you can truly be the master of your own Android slaves.

But there’s much, much more to come. Can I say anything here? Well, just a little. We’ve got some big plans. First, we will be updating the current app to be a native Android app. This version will feel like it really belongs on your Android device. It will be more responsive, with a great user experience and a design that fits with the pretty new "Holo" theme that came in with Ice Cream Sandwich. Needless to say we will also be adding a number of new features and revamping and improving the settings.

In short, I’m really excited about the new Triggertrap Android app. It's going to be a great leap forward in functionality and usability. I can’t give more details just yet, but I will say it’s going to be good, very good. Now you’ll have to excuse me, the coder-wrangler is cracking his whip and I’ve got a lot of things I need to get on with!