Triggertrap Awards 2015

It's that time of year again! Time for us to look back at the past year and announce some of the best photos that have been taken using Triggertrap in 2015 by you, our wonderful users. 

Best balloon pop 

If a six year old can capture a water balloon burst as stunning as this then you can too! Eric Barger and his son Aiden are well versed in this sort of high speed photography, but we still can't get over how they managed to capture that awesome star shape. Check out more from them over on Eric's Flickr page.

Star shaped water balloon burst. Shot by Eric and Aiden Barger using Triggertrap Mobile's Sound Sensor.

Best self portrait

Warren Bower used Triggertrap Mobile's Sound Sensor mode to capture this cracking self portrait. Warren told us that it took a couple of goes to get the timing just right, but we think it was well worth it. 

Self portrait on a bike, mid air by Warren Bower using Triggertrap Mobile.

Best astro photo

Scott Poupis took this incredible shot during a Perseid meteor shower while on a midnight hike on the Barker Dam Trail in Joshua Tree National Park. We love the way the rocks frame the Milky Way perfectly. 


Best long exposure

We're captivated by the way that Marco van Dijk used a long exposure to get that silky smooth effect in the water and sky in this shot. If you want to find out how to shoot great water smoothing photos, take a look here.

Long exposure sea scape by Marco van Dijk, taken using Triggertrap Mobile.

Best wire wool shot

Calvin Munhuweyi shot this fantastic wire wool photo of his friend Ant during their travels through Namibia. When scouting out a location for their shot, they had to make sure they found an area with no lions around. There's a way to add risk to a photoshoot if we've ever heard of one!

Wire wool shot taken by Calvin Munhuweyi using Triggertrap Mobile.

Best cityscape

Joseph Gruber got his trip to Seattle off to a brilliant start by shooting this gorgeous photo of sunset over the skyline on the first day he arrived there. We love the balance between the city and Mount Rainier in the background. 

Seattle skyline by Joseph Gruber, taken using Triggertrap Mobile.

Best still life

Matt Cooper is a regular on our Flickr pool, and his inventive still life photos of Danbo figurines never cease to make us smile. Using Triggertrap as a Simple Cable Release allows Matt to be completely hands free from his camera so as not to nudge his very precise focusing. 

Still life of Danbo doing a skateboard trick by Matt Cooper using Triggertrap Mobile.

Best splash

The colours in Cherry Harrison's water drop photo below are simply phenomenal. She used coloured paper to reflect her flashes which in turn changed the colours in the water droplets too. 

Water drop shot by Cherry Harrison using Triggertrap Mobile.

Best use of Wearables

Alex Dyett used the Triggertrap app for Pebble to remotely trigger his camera set up. This freed up his hands so that he could light his photo using off-camera flash as well as add some fire spinning into the background! 

Photo by Alexander Dyett, taken using Triggertrap Mobile.

Best #TTSelfie

The selfie speaks for itself really doesn't it - awesome shot @GolmaalGagan thanks for sharing! If you haven't let off some steam by shouting at your phone yet, you totally should. 


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