Triggertrap Mobile 1.5

Cover photo by Roy Vermelis.

Please note this article is depreciated and that Bluetooth is not currently available with Triggertrap Mobile.

This morning, we released Triggertrap Mobile 1.5 for iOS on the App Store (download yours here) and Triggertrap Mobile 1.1 for Android on Google Play (download it here). With this update, we're introducing a load of really cool new features, and we just wanted to show off some of them.

New Features

  • Wi-Fi triggering! From the iOS app, you can trigger other devices running Triggertrap Mobile. Slave mode is supported in both iOS and Android. 
  • Bluetooth triggering
  • Lots of new languages -- The iOS app is now available in US English and German as before, but we're adding British English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Swedish, and Simplified Chinese. More languages are to come.
  • Various iOS 6improvements
  • More than 20 bugfixes for little things that have been annoying the pants of us for a while. We even fixed a couple of bigger bugs.

Several of the new features we've implemented this time around, and some of the things we have in the pipeline, are all from your suggestions.

Better documentation


In addition to the updated app, we've listened to your requests, and are launching a brand new version of our Triggertrap Mobile manual.

It's downloadable as a PDF from the Triggertrap Mobile Manual page, and contains all the information you need to learn how to use Triggertrap Mobile's features in depth.

There's loads of other awesome stuff coming up from Triggertrap over the next few months as well, so if you haven't yet, now would be a great time to sign up to the newsletter!