[box style="alert"]Please note this article is depreciated and that Bluetooth is not currently available with Triggertrap Mobile. Please see our FAQ for further details. [/box]  

One of our most frequently requested features is whether we're planning to do a wireless solution for triggering.

We understand why: Even though you can extend your Triggertrap Mobile cable with a simple cable, it's not for everybody: Some people just prefer wireless, and who are we to say they can't have it?

Without a thread...

In our Super Secret Research Lab, we've been playing with a range of different solutions to make our triggering solutions wireless -- And we've discarded a lot of them as not particularly feasible.

At Photokina, the number one suggestion from people we were demoing to was 'Why don't you just use Bluetooth'? At the time, our answer was 'No comment' to anyone who asked, because in truth, it was one of the the things we were exploring. However, we've decided to go another route.

Bluetooth is a great protocol, don't get us wrong, but it has a very specific use - It is great for hooking up to a printer, perhaps, or for using a wireless headset, but you'll spot something both of these things have in common: The range required is minimal: Even when you use a bluetooth headset, you probably have your phone in a charging cradle or in your pocket.

Without boring you with the details, Bluetooth has two enormous drawbacks for our particular use: Extremely limited range (10 meters maximum - although for various reasons, we could only consistently get our prototypes to trigger at 4-5 meters), and battery life issues. Those two reasons would have been enough for us to discard bluetooth, but the killer was this: it's tricky to connect to multiple devices at the same time, which is one of the other features we wanted to implement.

Bluetooth triggering in action

So, even though we've discarded Bluetooth as a Bad Idea™, we still wanted to show off where we got...

If not Bluetooth, then what?

We're not ready to make an announcement quite yet, but we do have a really, really exciting solution to the wireless conundrum coming up. Our removing-the-wires product includes some bloody cool features, including:

  • Up to 100m/300ft range indoors - and significantly longer range outdoors
  • The ability to trigger several cameras at the same time
  • Long battery life.

So, stay tuned for our announcement in the next few weeks (if you're afraid of missing it, sign up to the newsletter!)