Triggertrap Mobile Dongle 2 finally in stock!

Cover photo by Kris Wallace.


We had some great news from our warehouse today, and it appears that our Triggertrap Mobile Dongle 2 is finally in stock!

The Triggertrap Mobile Dongle 2 can be identified by its red cable (the old version had a black cable), and is compatible with Android devices (to run the Triggertrap Mobile for Android you need Android 2.3 or newer) and all iOS devices (you need iOS5 or iSO6).

To purchase yours, please head to the Cable Selector page to find out which device you need to fit your camera!

Get your devices faster

As you may have noticed, we ship from Hong Kong, which can take Aaages... So I strongly recommend you check out our Where to Buy page.

We have a few distribution deals coming up, which means that if you are based in the US, the UK, Germany, Switzerland or New Zealand, you'll soon be able to order your Triggertrap from your local camera store. To be notified when we add new shops, please remember to sign up to our newsletter.