Football's greatest summer is upon us and team Triggertrap is getting into the spirit of things!The staff here at Triggertrap have fallen under a strange illness currently sweeping the globe. It's commonly referred to as Football Fever, and the source appears to be the insanely exciting 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Like many of you, we're starting to fill in the quarter finalists on our wall chart and can hardly contain our excitement as the final draws ever closer.

One lesson we can all learn from the World Cup is that teamwork is a huge asset that can encourage better communication on and off the pitch. Here at Triggertrap the World Cup has brought our growing team together (even though our footie skills aren't exactly a match for Neymar and co) and it struck us that we finally have enough players for a potential five-a-side match! We like to think we work pretty well together and produce great results, but simply can't resist the temptation any longer to find out what would happen if we pitted the London team against the Bristol team. If only more of us had any clue what we were doing when it came to actually playing football...but let's ignore that part for the time being. We'll just play to our other strengths. See our battle faces below for reference...


I'm sure many of you football fans have at some stage dreamt up some form of dream team. It’s a brilliant way of weaving your knowledge of football into building a functional team of people who work well together, communicate and most important of all, score some epic goals.

This sort of perfectly balanced teamwork is vital for any type of team to succeed and push for the best possible results, football or not.We would therefore like to introduce to you the Triggertrap Mobile dream team. Heavily inspired by the traditional football team (minus any biting or headbutting), each Triggertrap Mobile app function can bring so much more to camera triggering and the world of photography. They also work together at times for the ultimate combo moves. For example Wi-Fi slave and Wi-Fi master go hand in hand, and Solar Calculator is there to make your Bramping that little step closer to perfect.


There's a small chance we got a little carried away with the whole dream team idea. Okay, a big chance. Yes, so we even made Triggertrap Mobile trading cards. Deal with it!


The sort of photography you're into will definitely have an effect on what Triggertrap Mobile mode is top of your deck of cards. But having the whole pack of tools there ready to kick butt gives so many opportunities for experimenting and getting the perfect shot, so why not try them all?

Each member of the Triggertrap team has their own favourite modes, and there has been some great discussion about what member of the Triggertrap Mobile dream team would be best for capturing a real football match.

However, we're a little more interested in hearing what you think! Have you managed to capture a football match with Triggertrap Mobile? How did you do it? What mode do you see as your team captain? Don't forget to share how you have been using Triggertrap Mobile for Android or iOS on our Flickr pool.


Stay tuned for more Triggertrap Mobile cards and general World Cup madness!