Triggertrap source code released as open source!

Whilst the factory is doing its factory-ing thing, we've decided that we wanted to give you guys a sneaky peak into the murky underbelly of what drives the Triggertrap v1 and Triggertrap Shield. Both devices run on the same source code, which is pretty nifty... Most importantly, that means that people who are working with the Triggertrap v1 can benefit from code improvements and new functionality created by people who use the Triggertrap Shield for Arduino, and vice-versa.

If you fancy having a poke around in the code, it's available now on Github; Feel free to fork us, and fork us hard.

There are two minor changes still coming up in the code that we're aware of; most importantly, we're fixing a small issue we had with the LCD displays (the one I talked about in the March 13 update)... So keep an eye on further commits that you may have to roll into your code at a later date.

If you come up with innovative and awesome changes (or even just the odd bugfix or two), you know what to do!

Finally, we've created a Get Satisfaction 'product' for our sourcecode - so if you have any questions, concerns, or even if you want to write us a haiku for some reason, feel free to do so over on our Get Satisfaction page!

What about the shipping date of the Triggertraps?

There's been an additional delay in the LCDs we've been waiting for for aaages*, but as far as we know, that isn't currently causing a change to our estimated shipping date. We're still optimistic we'll start shipping both the Triggertraps and the Triggertrap Shield kits in April - but of course, we'll keep you posted.

*) Yes, I am extremely unhappy with our LCD supplier right about now. It's the one piece that's missing to do the final assembly of all the Triggertraps - this LCD panel is used both on the Triggertrap v1 and the Triggertrap Shield for Arduino - and they are missing their estimated delivery date by two weeks, even after they kept promising us they would give us the full batch of LCD displays on March 15th. Not. Happy.