Triggertrap V1 Timelapse Tests

Please note: The following article refers to our first product, Triggertrap V1 and not our current product, Triggertrap Mobile.

I've been doing a godawful amount of testing of the Triggertrap recently, and would like to show off a couple of the Timelapse things I've been doing.

1 - Sunset test

2a - Melting ice cubes #1 (24fps)

This one was taken with 2x flashes - one on each side - in order for the light to be more even and predictable. The timelapse was taken with 30 second intervals.

2b - Melting ice cubes #1 (15fps)

Same as the previous one, but instead of 24 fps, I used 15fps, to make the action move slower.

3a - Melting ice cube #2 (raw)

This one was done with 20 second interval, but with natural lighting - the natural lighting is the reason for why the light is a lot more 'flickering' in this one; clouds passing overhead were making my living room darker and lighter throughout the duration of this timelapse. The intro and the 'fade to black' at the end were both done in-camera.

3b - Melting ice cube #2 (Normalised)

Same as 3a above, but this time I went through and manually removed the frames that were grossly over-exposed, to try and normalise the video a little bit. It means that the animation is a bit more 'jumpy', but at least the actual brightness is less strobe-like, which makes for a more pleasant viewing experience.

4 - Soldering

A 5-second-interval timelapse of me soldering up an Adafruit Motor Shield Kit (v1.1). It consists of nearly 700 frames.