Triggertrap Tuesday: It's time to go the distance!

Cover photo by Dolf van Stijgeren.

We're shaking up the rules of Triggertrap Tuesday, giving you so much more opportunity to win goodies you'll have no excuse not to enter!

There is absolutely no denying that Triggertrap users are creating all kinds of wonderful photography. The only thing is, you seem to be a rather calculating lot; the kind of deliciously technical stuff you produce takes time and planning to get right. So from now on, we've decided that Triggertrap Tuesday will be a week-long competition! That's right, you'll have from Tuesday to Tuesday to plot your delightful winning entry.

In case you haven't noticed, week-long giveaways are becoming somewhat of a pattern here at Triggertrap. For example, at this very moment we are halfway through our week of international free shipping from our online shop - I know, we're excited about it too! In fact, that helps explain the theme for this week's Triggertrap Tuesday.

This week's Triggertrap Tuesday

This week, win a Triggertrap Mobile Kit by submitting your Distancelapse to our Primelapse website with the title 'Distancelapse Tuesday'. You have from 10 am BST on 24-09-2013 until 10am BST on 01-10-2013 (Find out what time that is where you are). You will need to include your name and email address in the video submission form. The Distancelapse video should not be any longer than one minute and thirty seconds long. Currently you can only submit videos to Primelapse from YouTube and Vimeo.

But wait, we hear you cry out, I don't know how to make a Distancelapse! Not to fear, here's a little example we put together earlier in the year of somebody making a 'Drivelapse' using our Distancelapse mode. This mode on our app quite simply uses your device's GPS chip to work out how often to take a photo. Don't take this to mean that you need to own a car to enter, (stealing a car to win free stuff would be impressive but, alas, illegal in most places), you just need to be moving in a steady enough motion so that the video isn't shaking about too much once you put the photos together. Looks like your morning commute might have just taken a turn for the interesting...

The Small Print: The prize can be redeemed against goods in the Triggertrap Shop, but cannot be used with other offers, and prize does not include shipping. If you already have lots of Triggertrap kit, well, that just means you’re extra lucky, and your Christmas shopping is sorted!

Last week's winner!

Stephen Hersee won our HDR dinner round with this tasty little number. Well done buddy!