Today, we are introducing a brand new triggering mode for Triggertrap Mobile; The ability to trigger your camera from a distance, using Wi-Fi triggering! The Wi-Fi triggering mode on Triggertrap Mobile enables photographers to trigger their cameras using one mobile device as a 'slave', and the other as a 'master'.

The 'master' device will be the one you use to trigger the 'slave' device. Both of them need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Setting up your Master device

[box style="note"]At launch, only iOS devices can be a master device -- we're looking to add master triggering to Android devices in the nearby future![/box]

On your Master device, go to the 'Outputs' settings by clicking on the little sliders icon at the top right of most triggering screens.

At the bottom left of the Outputs Settings screen, you will find a 'Wi-Fi' icon. Click it, and set the Enable Wi-Fi Triggering slider to 'On'.

Setting up your Slave device

[box style="note"]Both iOS and Android devices have Slave functionality built in.[/box]

Plug your Triggertrap Mobile Dongle into the slave device, and connect your dongle to your camera as usual. Find the 'slave' mode in the Triggertrap Mobile menu, and start it. Here, you will see a list of 'master' devices. Select the one you want to use. Triggertrap will now connect the two devices together.

The signal sent to your camera from the slave trigger is the signal you have configured in the Channels screen. In other words: remember to set up your camera's shutter and focus signals exactly like you would with any other trigger. The only difference is that instead of being triggered via sound or vibrations, the device will react to a Wi-Fi triggering signal.

Triggering the camera

Now that the two devices are connected together, you can use the Master device to trigger the slaves.

Go to the triggering mode you want to use (most sensor modes and the Cable Release mode are supported), for example the Sound trigger. Turn on the Wi-Fi channel at the bottom of the screen. Now, when a sound louder than the threshold is played, your camera connected to the slave devices will trigger.

Multiple slaves

You can connect as many slave devices to a master as you want. Simply follow the instructions above to connect each slave device to the master trigger. All the slaves will trigger at the same time.

What if there is no Wi-Fi network available?

If your master device has support for 'Personal Hotspot', you can use this instead of a traditional Wi-Fi connection. Check the documentation for your device for instructions for how to set up a personal hotspot. Please note that some carriers have disabled the use of a personal hotspot.

For more information and to learn more, check out → the Triggertrap Mobile Manual