Trigger your camera from your wrist with Triggertrap Mobile and Pebble!

That's right kids, the Pebble app store is finally here - and it's bringing Triggertrap with it.

The world of the smartwatch is a pretty interesting place right now as developers aim to pack more and more exciting features into these small, wrist-hugging devices. Pebble is one such innovative team of smartwatch developers. They released the Pebble Steel at the start of this year, a much sharper design promising a lot more interaction with your phone to come. Earlier this week, Pebble's promise was made a reality with the opening of the Pebble app store for Android. Naturally, we were in the queue to get Triggertrap from the smartphone to the smartwatch faster than Big Ben can chime "one"...

Triggertrap Mobile for Android: say hello to Pebble

So, why is triggering your DSLR camera with your watch so exciting? Aside from the very fact that you're able to trigger your DSLR with your watch (what could be more nerd-tastically cool than that?!), Pebble connects to your phone over Bluetooth. This means that you can trigger your camera remotely over whatever distance your Bluetooth connection allows. Yep, you heard me right: This finally gives Triggertrap Mobile a Bluetooth option.

We were so excited when Pebble announced that they were creating an app store that we decided to integrate Pebble into Triggertrap Mobile 2.0 for Android as a hidden build, ready and available for Pebble users as soon as the app store opened.


How to use Pebble as a remote trigger with Triggertrap Mobile

You will need Pebble App 2.0 and Pebble firmware 2.0 or newer to use Triggertrap with your smartwatch. Use the free Pebble app to install Triggertrap to your smartwatch. Once you have done this, ‘Install Pebble App’ will appear in the Action Overflow menu of Triggertrap Mobile at the top right of your screen. Select this and install the Pebble add on. Now an option should appear under Remote Triggers in the Triggertrap Mobile app menu. Press the big red button to get the mode running, and then hit trigger on your Pebble! It's pretty instantaneous and awesome, right? We think so too.

For more juicy instructions, check out our app manual.

Pebble and Triggertrap Mobile for iOS

It's sadly not often that we manage to get a cool new feature to our Android users before our iOS users, so I can assure you that the Android fans at Triggertrap HQ are finding every occasion to remind our fellow iOS users that we beat them to this cool new feature. What I can also and more importantly assure you of, is that we are planning on integrating Pebble with Triggertrap Mobile for iOS very soon. Hold on tight iOS fans, your turn is coming!