Say hello to Triggertrap Mobile 2.0 for Android

After a successful few months of Beta testing, our rather attractive 2.0 version of Triggertrap Mobile is launching on Android. And sweet mother is it one delightful update!

If you happen to have joined our Beta test group, I'm sure you'll understand the sheer giddy excitement all of us here at Triggertrap are experiencing right now as we hit the launch button on the fully updated version of Triggertrap Mobile for Android. Say hello to our shiny new red and white interface, complete with ingenious new ways of using and adjusting all your favourite modes. I mean, did you see what our Android Developer Neil has come up with for Timewarp?! He's pretty much broken through the glass ceiling of his own coding abilities on this one. And I'm sure in updates to follow there will be more exciting new versions of Triggertrap modes aplenty.

So, what's new?

For starters, the new interface has been stripped down and simplified, making it easier and faster to switch between triggering modes. This means no more missing awesome photographic opportunities because you’re futzing around with dials. It also squashes the bugs that somehow snuck into previous versions of the app while implementing more user-requested features than you could shake a lens cap at.

On top of that, the new version of the app is Android native, which means the the UI is a lot more responsive. So modes relying on specific parts of your phone's technology, such as Distancelapse, are now better integrated and running much more smoothly than in the previous version. This also means that the app can now run in the background as well as with the screen off, saving you heaps of battery power!

Whether you’re aiming at the sky in hopes of capturing shooting stars, want to capture the exact moment a baseball comes crashing through a window pane, or fancy setting up a fully automatic photo booth, we’ve got you covered!

Remember, as with the iOS version, Triggertrap mobile 2.0 is manual focus only. We've explained why here.

Ooh, look at all these features...

  • A barrel of Timelapses: Use Triggertrap as a basic intervalometer for timelapse capture, or feed your creativity a juicy dose of growth hormone: Bulb Ramping Timelapse enables seamless sunrise/sunset timelapses, HDR timelapse lets you combine the power of HDR and timelapses, and the Triggertrap-exclusive TimeWarp feature uses acceleration algorithms developed for animation to create more dynamic and natural-looking timelapses. The results are too awesome not to try!
  • Shout if you want more: Sound sensor is back and even more  adjustable and sensitive than before.
  • Long Exposure HDR: Triggertrap Mobile makes Long Exposure HDR photography easy: Choose intervals from 1/3 to 2 EV steps, and up to 19 bracketed exposures per HDR set. Why would you need 19 exposures? Absolutely no idea, but it’s there if you want it.
  • DistanceLapse: Unique to Triggertrap and never before seen in a consumer device, this mode uses your smartphone’s GPS chip to fire the shutter over pre-determined distances. Brilliant for roadtrips!
  • Star Trail mode: Take a series of long exposure shots to get low-noise star trail photos, or hedge your bets to ensure you capture rare natural phenomena like meteors or slightly less natural (and slightly less rare) phenomena like fireworks!
  • Wireless mode: Unique to Triggertrap, this Wi-Fi triggering technology allows photographers to leverage the range and speed of a Wi-Fi network to control more than 100 cameras at the same time. Matrix-style bullet-time, anyone?

On top of all of these tasties, we'll have updates on their way as soon as we can. Stay tuned for more!

This sounds badass, where can I get it?

Triggertrap Mobile 2.0 is now available to download for free from the Play Store for all devices running Android version 4.1 or newer. If you already have Triggertrap Mobile and your device is running 4.1 or above, an update should be ready and waiting for you.

If you have any feedback or queries, we're here to listen as ever. Head on over to our forum where we'll be listening closely and get involved in feature suggestion discussions, or feel feel free to email us at