[box style="alert"]Please note this article is depreciated and that Bluetooth is not currently available with Triggertrap Mobile. Please see our FAQ for further details. [/box] While developing wireless triggering for Triggertrap Mobile, we investigated the use of Bluetooth. While we decided in the end to go with W-Fi, we did decide to keep the Bluetooth support in the app.

To get it to work, you need a Bluetooth audio receiver that supports A2DP. These are very cheap: ours was about £9 on eBay, and they're available for under $10. We can't recommend or support any in particular, but most should work.

Setting up Triggertrap Mobile with Bluetooth

[box style="note"]Currrently, Bluetooth triggering is only supported by Triggertrap Mobile for iOS. We are hoping to add it to Android in a future release.[/box]

1) To get started, you need to pair the Bluetooth device with your phone: Open Settings, go to Bluetooth and find the device in the list. You'll need to look in the device's manual to find the name and password (ours was "0000"). Once you've selected the device and successfully paired with it, we're ready to start using it.

2) Open Triggertrap Mobile for iOS and click on the outputs settings button on the top right of the screen. You should see a new icon on the bottom right of the presets panel:

3) Tap the icon, and it will show a list of available outputs, like this. One of these should be your Bluetooth device. Select the bluetooth device, and the screen should look like this:

[box style="alert"]If you have AirPlay speakers or an Apple TV or similar, you'll see those in the list too. Please ignore them, they won't work with Triggertrap Mobile, sorry.[/box]

4) If you got it right, the bottom of the screen will look like this:

5) Now plug the Triggertrap Mobile Dongle into the Bluetooth device and the camera and you're all set!

6) Set up Triggertrap Mobile like you normally would: Simply turn on the Shutter and/or Focus channels, and trigger your camera.

There is one limitation to Bluetooth triggering: the Bang sensor doesn't play nicely with it, so if you try to use that mode then Bluetooth triggering is disabled.

Have fun!