How To Use Bramping Mode

Cover photo by Fabian Lopez.

It's one of those photography techniques that sounds terrifyingly difficult if you've never tried it yourself, but once you have that know how, your magic hour time lapses will have never looked better.

What is bulb ramping?

Bulb ramping, or bramping, is when your camera is controlled in bulb mode by an external intervalometer that makes very small changes throughout your chosen time of shooting in order to create a smooth transition in exposure value, particularly useful during timelapses where you are photographing the transition from day to night.

What you'll need

  • Smart device with Triggertrap app installed
  • Triggertrap Mobile Kit
  • Camera
  • Tripod
  • You'll most likely also want something to mount your smart device to your tripod. 

Don't forget to charge all your batteries!

How to use Triggertrap Bramping Mode

  • Set up your Triggertrap mobile kit as shown in our previous tutorial
  • Set your camera to bulb mode and manual focus and choose the appropriate aperture for your composition.
  • Open Triggertrap Mobile app on your iOS or Android device and select Bramping mode:
  • Exposures = The number of exposures you would like to take during the total duration.
  • Interval = the amount of time you would like in between each exposure
  • Duration = the total amount of time your timelapse will run for. This is automatically calculated for you.
  • Start = the exposure length you want to begin with.
  • End = the exposure length you want to end with.

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