How To Use Triggertrap Sound Sensor

Cover photo by Peter Erlanger.

Bang! Boom! Smash! Here's a little tutorial about how to use our uber-fun sound sensor mode...

Video: How To Use Sound Sensor Mode

In Words: How To Use Triggertrap Mobile's Sound Sensor Mode

What you'll need:

  • Smart device such as smartphone, tablet, etc.
  • Triggertrap Mobile app, available from both the App store and Google Play store. 
  • Triggertrap Mobile kit, available from our shop.
  • Camera
  1. First off you'll need to open the mobile app and connect your smart device to your camera using your Triggertrap Mobile Kit.
  2. Select Sound Sensor from the app menu.
  3. If using Android, adjust the sensitivity slider according to how sensitive your device's microphone is (trial and error is the way to go with this!)
  4. Next adjust the threshold slider. You need to take into consideration any background noise and how far your device is from the sound you are making. You can roughly guess where the threshold needs to be by making the same or a similar sound and watching where the outer volume ring moves to.
  5. Press the big red button and get noisy!

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