This morning, we found a rather fantastic video on YouTube that we'd love to share with you. The guys over at Digital Photo Recommendations did a pretty thorough walk through of the Triggertrap Mobile application and hardware.

It's pretty long (17 minutes), but it's all sorts of interesting, if you've not purchased your Triggertrap Mobile Dongle yet, or if you're just looking for a good introduction to the app and hardware.

Check it out:

Just to address the one question that came up in the video:

The reason the Android version has fewer features than the iPhone version is that we really just wanted to get the Android version out there.

We have a lot of Android-using fans, and we were facing a choice: Should we delay the Android launch until 2013 whilst we polish everything, or should we just get it out there, and add more features as we go along?

We chose the latter, and are still actively developing both the Android and the iOS apps.