TTv1 cable hack for Sony cameras

When we started work on the Triggertrap v1, it turned out that the cables for triggering Sony cameras weren't available, so Sony users have to hack their own cables. We did post some instructions for how to do it, but that wasn't good enough for Ban.

Thank you Ban!

Hacking your Sony Remote to work with Triggertrap v1.

Haje sent a wired remote for Sony cameras and a 3.5mm jack, but he didn't include detailed instructions on how to connect them. I managed to hack my own, and I'm posting simple instructions here on how to do your own.

Remove the casing on the wired remote and identify the ground, focus and shutter wire. For this remote, the focus is activated when the top two metal contacts close, while the shutter is activated when all three metal contacts close. For simplicity I'll name the red wire (connecting the top contact) the focus wire, the white wire (connecting the middle contact) the ground wire, and the yellow wire the shutter wire.


Cut the wire for the 3.5mm jack and expose the three wires inside. Use a multimeter to test which is the ground, focus and shutter wire. 

In my case, the focus wire is red, the ground wire is black, and the shutter wire is green.


Connect the ground wire to the ground wire, shutter wire to the shutter wire, and focus wire to the focus wire. That's it! Your cable is now adapted for Sony cameras!


And here's a picture with the TTv1 triggering my camera by the sound of a roll of sticky tape being dropped on the table.


Do you have a Triggertrap hack?

We are running a whole series of articles on hacks and modifications you can do on the Triggertrap - and if you have an idea for a hack, don't hesitate to let us know!