Triggertrap v1 finally shipping!

The Triggertrap v1 is finally shipping! The first few hundred Triggertrap v1 parcels left the factory today. The rest are following over the next few days. All packages will be shipped via tracked air-mail, and if you are a Kickstarter backer or if you paid for your pre-order via PayPal already, I will e-mail you all individually with your tracking codes. (If you filled in a form to do a pre-order, information about how to pay will be coming up as soon as we can manage)

We have another surprise for you: We're releasing the source code for a bulb-ramping feature. It won't be included pre-installed on the Triggertrap v1 you receive, but you'll be able to download it from GitHub, and add it in yourself. See it as a little surprise and a thank-you for your continued patience!

Want to get ready?

  • Take a closer look at the Triggertrap v1 source code on Github, and gentlemen, start your hacking engines.
  • Check out the Triggertrap v1 User Manual, if you're curious.
  • Join the Triggertrap Newsletter for news, updates, and all that awesome stuff. You can even choose which Triggertrap topics you want information about.
  • Join the Triggertrap Pool on Flickr to get some inspiration, and to share your 'made on Triggertrap' photos!

I am a Kickstarter Backer / I already paid for my pre-order via PayPal!


Awesome! Bloody good job for being an early adopter - thank you so much for your support!

  • As we promised, we will include a Triggertrap Mobile dongle in the box for you.
  • Download the free (with 3 modes) or paid-for (with 12 modes) version of the Triggertrap iOS* app, or take a look at our Video Elevator Pitch for the Triggertrap Mobile app.
  • Check out the Triggertrap Mobile User Manual, if that's your thing.

*) Unfortunately, we don't yet have an Android app. 

I pre-ordered but I haven't paid yet / I haven't ordered yet.


We are fulfilling all the Kickstarter and paid pre-orders first. Once they are shipped out, we will contact everybody else who pre-ordered, with additional information about how to pay, and how to make any changes / updates to your order (if required).

We only have an extremely limited number of Triggertrap v1 units available, and we have to look after our Kickstarter and Pre-order customers first, but once they have had a chance to buy the products, we'll start taking additional orders!

We will announce when we are starting to take orders for Triggertrap v1 and Triggertrap Shield again on our newsletter. So, if you haven't yet, join the newsletter!

What about the Triggertrap Shield for Arduino?


It's bloody annoying, because we thought they were finished already and ready to ship, but when we were doing our last round of checks, we discovered something rather awkward we found a last-minute component fail (the capacitors supplied by the factory for our prototype were the wrong size and shape, because they replaced the parts we specified with different parts).

We need to source and replace the mis-ordered parts with different ones, but we'll try to make sure this happens quickly, and we'll keep you posted separately, promise!